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I’m pretty keen to get some more time to teach sabre work, and it seems that people are showing an interest in it. Sabre and rapier are tied in my mind for my favourite weapon. Each served its own purposes well; the rapier was a perfect duelling weapon inasmuch as it offered almost no room for error. Any mistake make in a rapier duel usually resulted in the conclusion of the fight unless the person who made the error was very, very quick to recover with a quick dagger parry or some such. For its scientific applications and unforgiving nature, I love the rapier and dagger, and by virtue of the reason that it is just to difficult to be really good at using.

Sabre, on the other hand, I love for sheer fun. Sabre is fast and (relatively) straightforward. Matches with this weapon are quick and energetic, the speed of the weapon allowing a faster recovery time and  little more leeway for minor mistakes. The tempo is fierce and the changes back and forth are almost as much fun to watch as they are to perform. Despite its evolution, the sabre has a military history, and it maintains the personality of a nineteenth century officer. Sabre is more sporting, shall we say, and never fails to put a huge smile on my face.

Therefore, it is sufficient to say I am pleased at the possibility of spending more time teaching and fighting with these two weapons. Whatever other skills I may possess in martial arts, I am still most as home with a rapier or sabre. I know exactly what and how I want to teach these styles, and I’m positive I can get some fantastic results out of my students. Sigh, returning to these subjects is like coming back to a comfortable home after a long day and knowing exactly where everything is…