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I have decided to construct a fencing vest for Holly and myself. After all, why buy modern ones when they are a) expensive and b) unflattering. I mean, who wants a strap under their crotch? Not I. Besides, y’all don’t need no strap if you tailor the fit perfectly. So I set about playing with ideas for a semi-period styled protective jacket until I came up with my favourite design – thus;

It shall be double breasted, of course, and have a full buttoned flap over the chest perforated by diagonal quilting. It will also sport a high, straight collar that will act as a gorget and protect the throat (While also looking impressive.) The female version will additionally have some extra darts in the front to add more shape.

So, after the measurements were taken, I then endeavoured to draft the actual pattern. (DVD remote optional.)

Followed by the actual fabric itself.

And again, arranged together.

It doesn’t come across in the photos, but the colour for Holly’s is a light, powder blue. (Actually, the basis for her vest was the one Ken Branagh wore in the second Harry Potter film. I swear though, if she ever tries to say ‘Expelliarmus’ while fencing I will be very cross.) Canvas tends not to come in the most interesting colours, so my own will be black. It doesn’t hurt to look a little stern when instructing, anyway.

Well, that is the progress thus far. I shall post more when the actual sewing begins.