I was planning to write a post on the advantage of gymnastics over weight training in regards to its use of kinetic leverage. However, that will have to be postponed pending recent developments…

As I had previously mentioned, this month I was slated to take over running the main class at SCG on Tuesday nights. We had decided that dividing so that I could use the hall space for more of the weapons work would be the best way for each of us to focus on our own areas, since rain and rapiers don’t mix well. This left me in charge of the three-hour sessions that made up the bulk of our class time.

I had my insecurities about stepping up as the sole instructor, but I was determined to do the best I could to keep class as fun and energetic as it had always been while moving in a slightly different direction. There was only one problem with this theory – it required students. Fifteen minutes after the class had started Holly and I were still alone in the hall. Holly had injured her back the previous day, so I found myself working out alone. One of our part-time students who usually just participated in the work-out portion of the evening did eventually show up, thinking she was late and wondering where everybody else was.

With no students at the beginning of the month, that meant no money to pay rent for the space. I was later to learn that some of our core students had decided to train elsewhere, though as of yet I don’t know where everybody else was.  Therefore, for the time being, it appears there will be no Tuesday classes. One cannot help but feel a bruise to one’s ego in such circumstances.


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