Replacement Tuesday

There was no class this week, for what we shall call logistical reasons. As a result I was left to my own devices for Tuesday and Wednesday. After a congenial rising Tuesday morning, I decided on how best to procure some exercise. Holly and I repeated the theory of a previous week; we made our way to Cooper’s park by way of the sea wall, her on skates and I jogging. This time I managed to keep a solid pace all the way to the park. The journey is about five kilometres, which is half of what I used to jog. However, I knew better than to try to challenge my own record after such a long vacation from running. Even at my best ten kilometres tended to cripple me the next day. After a rest at the park, and a few gymnastic exercises, we walked/jogged back to the house.

Once there we rested again, and changed our shoes – or skates in Holly’s case. After that we strolled to the other park that is nearer to our apartment, bringing along our sabres. Once there I was promptly made to feel inadequate by the person who was using the gymnastic rings – as he actually appeared to be a gymnast. I’ve been trying for month to actually get myself up on those things, and there he was vaulting up and performing a very decent front lever. Curse his small stature and proper training.

Anyhow, it turned out that my initial plan to fence first and jog later would have been a wise one. Both of us were rather too tired to be particularly graceful with the sword, and after twenty minutes or so of slow work and fighting we slunk back home.

The next day we resumed the sabre practice with much success, running through the majority of the parry/ripost drills I had planned. (We still need to run through the double riposts, thrusts, feint, double feint and ripost combination drills, but no matter.) Holly is coming along nicely in her sabre training, and I think in another few months she might be able to start competing. Except for the fact that competitions in historical fencing still don’t really exist and I have to create them. We’ll get there eventually.

I think I will focus more on my own training, and on teaching thing’s I feel I actually know well. The trend SCG has had for experimentation and creation can be rewarding, but it can also leave be feeling like I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing. I often feel like we move on to a new skill before we have actually mastered the previous one, though many of the students seem to like always having something new to work on. I do not however. I like to know I have got one thing down perfectly before I move to the next step, jumping ahead of myself just leads to confusion and clumsy fighting. Some of the new theories we have developed have definite promise, but that need to be refined, ordered and tested before they are ready for the general public.


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